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About us
Corporation introduction
Beijing Aoruipao Education Consulting Co., Ltd. was established on August 1, 2012 with the registered capital of RMB 20 million. It is the only national authorized general agent of the famous Australian children's sports education brand ReadySteadyGoKids (in Chinese “Ao Rui Pao”) in China, and is the only official authority in China that has the right to carry out direct operations and franchise business. Based on the brand name of ReadySteadyGoKids, the company provides children with ten sports programs and high-quality, tailor-made sports courses in an interesting, non-competitive and team-based manner. The business of the company includes education training for children's sports and franchise chain across the country.
corporate culture
  • Brand philosophy
    Brand philosophy
    A lifelong love of sports starts here
  • Culture philosophy
    Culture philosophy
    people-oriented and honesty
  • Values
    Solidarity, innovation, honesty, efficient
  • Business Philosophy
    Business Philosophy
    Take the brand as the banner, technology as the core, standards as the support, service as the guarantee, talent as the foundation, and giving back to the society as our own responsibility. Be the leader of China International Children's Sports Industry.
  • Service philosophy
    Service philosophy
    customer first, exquisite service, harmonious management, continuous innovation
Education philosophy
ReadySteadyGoKids provides children with 10 different sports courses Including AFL, rugby, tennis, T-ball, cricket, hockey, golf, basketball, soccer, and athletics, (including children's fitness training) in the pure - English environment, which is dedicated to improving children's physical functions through ball games and developing children's potential intelligence, shaping good character as well as cultivating habits of English communication.
ReadySteadyGoKids advocates exercising balance and coordination skills of children's eyes, hands, and feet, and teaching the basic knowledge of sports to them. In the process of promoting physical fitness of children, it aims to cultivate children's interest in sports. Children will do the warm-up, stretching and relaxing under the instruction of correct rules. Additionally, children are taught to conscientiously observe order, obey rules, and collaborate with their peers.
Mr. Stuart Derbyshire, the founder of ReadySteadyGoKids said: “we are trying to play a role in the world that can make it realized that children of different countries, regions and cultural backgrounds can deeply love sports and acquire a sense of accomplishment and happiness through different sports here." ReadySteadyGoKids always hopes to release children's nature in the form of sports and explore the child's potential, witnessing every single progress of children with parents.









Corporation development
>Based on international thinking, localized management and brand-new parenting philosophy, ReadySteadyGoKids has created top-level hotel-style services throughout the process and gotten rid of the single model of traditional sports training industry with the coordinated development of five systems including international children's training venues, education and training colleges, children's events and parenting activities, international children's sports exchange camps, children's sports teaching aids, supplies, the development, production, sales of smart wearable equipment, with aim to establish the platform and the industry chain of the children's sports industry.
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